Ireland is renowned for being the horse nation and Caroline has just added something special! - Dr. Uel Little
Ms. Jennings seemed to have very substantial knowledge of her subject, knowledge that seemed grounded in considerable hands-on practical experience, and in consequence I came away with a gratifyingly substantial insight into the mind of the horse, thanks to her guidance. I would commend her to anyone with an honest interest; indeed, I will be back for more myself. - John Cully, Founder Irish Quarter Horse Association
Thanks for all you help on the equus course last August. Our Connemara mare was a real ‘Alpha’ and quite green but Christine managed to befriend her and made a lot of progress afterwards. Thanks to you and Monty. - Dermot McNally, Castlerock, Co. Derry
I attended your equus workshop. We were made very welcome, it was in a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I found the course very useful to gain insight and reassurance that I was on the right track - Catherine Ryan
I did the one day Equus course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Putting the theory of what we learnt into practise was an unbelieveble experience. I hope to take more courses with Equus Training Ireland in 2011 and am excited about what I can learn and gain and what route with horses the knowledge will lead me. I would recommend doing a course to anyone. Caroline's passion and knowledge for her work is admirable. - Mairead Mullingan
I was overjoyed to learn that Monty had a school for teaching his methods in Ireland run by Caroline Jennings and I did the "join-up" course last August, 2010. Not only was the course thoroughly enjoyable and informative, Caroline's own personality and knowledge of her subject and endless patience made for easy learning and a very pleasurable experience.  I found her inspiring and encouraging and I never felt shy to ask what might be a silly question. - Jim Kilroy
Caroline's knowledge of and passion for horses is evident when you see her at work.  The join-up clinic afforded me the opportunity to work with horses I didn't know using Monty's methods and the results were truely amazing. Throughout Caroline was informative, positive and reassuring - true professional. - Ann Lawless, Dublin
Fantastic Experience! I have fallen in love again with the horse. My understanding of the way they think & process has grown by doing this course. I have learned a lot here in how I deal with my horse. My confidence has soared since the Join-up. I have always wanted that deeper connection with my horse & now I feel I have the tools in order to make this happen. Best experience of my life & I will definitely do it again! :) Thanks Caroline! :) - Michelle Rundle
I happy to say that course was excellent, very practical and would be beneficial to anyone who handles horses. - Anne Bannon
I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The theory side of the course which is very important was informative, interesting and also did not take too long.  The most memorable moment for me was when I actually managed  to do a join up with a horse for the very first time, that was special. - Heather Pauritsch
Delighted to give you a glowing reference for this interesting weekend course.  It was hugely enlightening, made us question the way in which we use our body language around the horse, enabled us to handle our own horses with more expertise, understanding and confidence. Thanks a million for a great weekend, meeting new and interesting people, learning new and interesting things, and meeting new and interesting equine friends! - Eleanor Stoney
The Join-Up course was fantastic.  Caroline was remarkable, easy to follow, and inspiring to watch. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in horses. - Selina McCarthy, Cork
Thanks a million for a great weekend, meeting new and interesting people, learning new and interesting things, and meeting new and interesting equine friends! - Eleanor Stoney
Twenty-five years of riding experience has been completely rejuvenated by the Join-Up course and understanding the language of EQUUS.  I highly recommend it! - Michael Simpson, Northern Ireland
I absolutely loved the join up course. I learnt so much about connecting with horses and I am now trying to use all the methods I learnt with my own horse. I would love to go back for another course and I would highly recommend everything Caroline does. I thoroughly enjoyed it! - Derry Mae Keeling, Aged 16 years
After reading and watching Monty Roberts on TV for many years I was delighted to discover a qualified Monty Roberts instructor in Ireland (the only one!). I attended a Join-up Clinic with Caroline and all I can say is Wow!. Caroline had a great way of teaching in that you never felt you were overwhelmed. The classroom work and notes were excellent. Caroline answered the many questions we asked with passion and competence. It was obvious she loves her work!  Also evident in her willingness to be on the other end of the phone for me with any future question I have. - Lisa Connell, Dublin
I have recently completed ajoin-up clinic with Caroline and would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in horses. I found Caroline to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely practical about her methods of training, both two legged and four legged students. The facilities were great and the informal and friendly atmosphere put people at their ease and helped with learning. The course was very well structured, with classroom discussions and loads of hands on experience. I really enjoyed working in the round pen and I am looking forward to my next course. - Norman Eyre, Dublin
Having completed my first Join-Up clinic I was pleasantly surprised at the results.  Caroline is extremely professional, and well equipped with the teaching skills to show us how it's done.  Her attitude and passion for her work is evident in the delivery of the content, with a very practical approach.  Since the course finished, I have been putting the skills and knowledge that I learned to use by trying and testing these on other horses that I know. It is very nice to see it actually works and gives you confidence in your ability to deal with the horse.  It is always  nice to know that even though the course has finished, I know that I can still call Caroline with problems and queries that I might have, which is something that is rare these days.  There was a great atmosphere in our group and I am really looking forward to the following clinic. - Shane Leonard, Kildare
As one who had no professional training of handling horses, I found the Monty Roberts course run by Caroline unbelievable, in so far as I could not believe so much could be achieved in such a short period of time.  I am now much more confident and competent. - Gerry Kenny
I found the Join-Up work really enjoyable and very rewarding.  The Dually halter is a 'God-Send' - makes life so simple for horse and owner.  I found Caroline a very competent teacher and she allowed lattitude for the group to bond.  All-in-all a very positive experience, and one that I would recommend to all horse lovers. - Trish Doyle
I found the Monty Roberts training course that I recently completed very rewarding, particularly as I got to use my own horse and found that this convinced me that the Join-Up process is very successful, as I knew my horse could be difficult loading.  After the Join-Up work and some schooling with the Dually halter this was no longer a problem.  I think Caroline is a natural instructor and I intend to continue with the courses - Robbie Williams
Join-Up is definitely for me! - Caroline Sutton
Overall the course was very stimulating and interesting. - Jim Kilroy