Monty's Book - "From My Hands To Yours"

  • 2nd Edition


Monty’s textbook with lessons from a lifetime of training championship horses. A textbook on the language of Equus and Monty’s Join-Up® training principles. Includes the very first DICTIONARY OF EQUUS clearly depicting the signs and reciprocal gestures between human and equine through photos and illustrations.

From My Hands To Yours shares Monty’s Join-Up® horse training methods with you, both on the ground and under saddle. You’ll learn to work with your horse’s remedial behavior such as: • Biting • Pulling back • Rearing • Bucking • and more…..

Basic movements such as, stopping, turning and changing leads are also included. Monty’s methods are meticulously described so you can apply his hard earned knowledge to your own training experiences. A must for students of Monty Roberts’ methods..


Book - "The Horses In My Life"


Join Monty as he recounts the stories of his best loved horses, chosen from the tens of thousands he has worked with throughout his lifetime. The Horses in My Life is a celebration of the horses he has learned the most from, as well as those that have impressed themselves most indelibly on his memory and in his heart.

All the horses featured inside – from his first horse Ginger to world-famous Thoroughbreds, to the American Mustang Shy Boy, the star of the oft-repeated PBS documentary and bestselling book, Shy Boy – have contributed something unique to Monty’s understanding of their kind. He pictures each as a stone on a necklace, adding them one by one, allowing you to relish his stories of great warmth and affection. Monty never lost sight of how much each horse meant to him and The Horses in My Life is his tribute to their memory.

25 with Shyboy DVD

Autographed Shyboy Book with Shyboy DVD

Read Montys story of how he used his methods to tame the wild mustang Shy Boy. This autographed book is a beautiful gift with full colour photos within of Monty and Shy Boys adventure.

Then watch, The Horse that Came In From The Wild continuing the story of the little wild mustang that Monty adopted from the Bureau of Land Management which was the subject of the PBS documentary A Real Horse Whisperer. You will fall in love with Shy Boy, America’s most famous mustang horse. ◦Follow Monty as he releases Shy Boy back int the wild. After a year of living with people on the Farm, will Shy Boy want to return to the wild or stay with Monty?

A great watch for all the family.  